My name is Stephen, and I am America's Life Coach.

I take entrepreneurs, celebrities, and world leaders to the next level. 

My goal is to be the most magical person you know.  



My job is to help you create a life that you love. 

Whatever you are dreaming about,


The dreams inside of you are real and possible for you. 

Are you ready to create them from the inside out?  


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"You said something to me that just completely made me confront myself. I remember the words you said verbatim, and I never forgot them. It made me come to terms with myself." - Megan /// "Woah. Mind blown! SO many aha-moments and so much up-leveling. You are amazing at what you do! Everything feels clearer now. I finally get [it]! I have done a lot on manifesting and this just blew me away! So much I had never heard of or never realized. It was exactly what I needed." - Elyse /// "A tremendous amount of ahhs and clarity ... thank you so much!" - Elpida /// "Thank you so much for your course... I'm only doing week 4 now coz I'm so obsessed with getting it right but it's changed my life and I'm very grateful" - Vicki /// "Stephen, your posts and videos have literally changed me as a person and how I think about life in general. And it's for the better and I honestly can't thank you enough" - Chelsey /// "You're translating our needs we have today. This current moment. Thank you for being so up to the minute. Brilliant. I love you! Your message rocks so hard." - Julie /// "You're so awesome Stephen! OMG this is GOLD!!!!!!! The right msg comes at the right time from the right person. Amazing. Grateful for this golden nugget you shared! You've got such beautiful presence." - Whitney /// "You hit the nail on the head. Exactly what I needed." - Tesia /// "I just wanted to say thank you seriously for today - I feel a complete shift in my being - not just in my business, but in me. A lot of my relationships - family and my relationships and my woman. SO MUCH MORE" - Josh /// "If you are wondering if Stephen can take you there, I'd say yes! His mind, heart, and spirit are in the right place, and in front of him, you will feel the shift you are desiring happen." - Danielle /// "Stephen is an unlimited force of power, strength, conviction, joy, and love ... an inspiration to so many" - Colin /// "Shout out to the best coach in the world Stephen Lovegrove! Thank you for my break through today!! Feeling so powerful!! You just know where to take every call and help me to empower myself to go within to get the answers I need! You are MAGIC, for anyone wanting to make real and authentic shifts in their life I guarantee there is no one better than this man right here! Gratitude in abundance for having you in my life ❤️❤️⭐️" - Alexandra "2 things that you've taught me that are becoming more and more true: 1 - when you place your clear order with the universe, and know you will receive it (like placing your Starbucks order), you receive it! 2 - there is definitely a momentum effect... once I got one new client, the other clients really started to flow in! I am forever grateful for you, you changed EVERYTHING for me 💖💖💖" - Chrissy "Wow, this is crazy, I'm totally discovering some deep dream/vision stuff as I'm typing this to you! See?! Look at you! You got people find their destinies just texting you! Haha! This is great!" - Parker "I love that you are America's Life Coach .... not America's business coach or strategy launch expert or anything else. Because I need help with all of it! And I know I can come to you with anything, and you never fail to deliver the perfect wisdom and guidance in such a beautiful and mature way. You never cease to amaze me." - Kylie "I'm aware you have other clients, but you make me feel like I'm the only one in your world, and you do that for every one of your clients."- Kylie "Working with Stephen is a no-brainer .... Do it." - Lydia

"Not a day goes by that something that you said doesn't resonate with me. Not a journaling session goes by where I'm not writing about something that you helped me learn or see. Thank you for everything." - Julie /// "You're a dream coach!!! Like attracts like - I'm totally buzzing after our call!" - Alexandra /// "You totally nailed where I'm at. Everything you're saying is SO TRUE. That's exactly what it is." - Alexandra /// "My truth about Stephen Lovegrove is he has given me the confidence to finally let go of my fear and follow my authentic purpose. This man speaks such words of wisdom - perhaps I met him when I was finally ready to just be me! A reflection of this wise man who is very much living in his truth! I am magnetized to your posts!" - Alexandra /// "A week ago, I did not know you existed. Now I Feel like my universe cannot go on without you, which is a testimony to you. You've got elements of so many different things, and I feel like I need it." - Kylie /// "I honestly don't have any questions. That's when you know it's right, hey? You're like: take my money. Oh I can't wait to click 'PAY YOU' hahaha. This is going to be fucking epic." - Elizabeth /// "I'm so thankful for you taking me on as a client. You've very very gifted, and the world is so blessed to have someone like you prepared to help and to offer your gift. thank you again. Love you." - Kylie /// "Yesterday's post inspired me to put my house on the market finally! I need to let go of my comfort and down size and keep paving my own path! Thank you!!!!" - Chelsea /// "OMG! You are BEYOND brilliant!! And I cannot even begin to describe the mind shift since our session .... When I got off our call and checked my FB messages, I had 2 women throwing themselves at me to take up 1:1 coaching. I love ALIGNMENT!!! And I luuuuuuurve YOU!!!" - Kylie /// "Thank you for this session. I needed it so so much today! You are full of incredible advice and guidance; you're a truly amazing coach" - Alexandra /// "Your energy is so fucking amazing ... everytime I listen to you, I am just UPLEVELED internally no matter what you're even saying ... and then on top of that you are saying amazing stuff! You are putting so many great and powerful pieces of content out day by day, but more than that the overall energy you are putting out is just flowing through the entire community. I just want to say how grateful I am you came into my life. Your commitment to growth is just so inspiring and I feel elevated just by knowing you!!" - Kat

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"The red carpet will never be the same again because of you." - Shelley // "You're my favorite inspiration. Thank you thank you thank you!!!" - Bri // "My life has been so impacted by you. I wish I could repay you for the love, positivity and beautiful life you have given me.... But what you've given me is priceless and I wouldn't know how to repay you." - K // "THANK YOU Stephen ! You are inspirational at all times! I so appreciate what you share!" - Veronica // "When I watched you yesterday, I was so inspired! Your book is fantastic. Thank you so so much for taking the time to do this for us! You truly are amazing." - Sabrina // "Thank you for your great work! You are so inspirational. I look forward to your show everyday." - Carrie // “Every time I leave a meeting with Stephen, I leave inspired.” - McKenzie // "Stephen has the integrity and wisdom of someone twice his age.“ - Amy // “For allowing me to know that it is okay to put myself out there and not be afraid to love and connect; for showing me that it is okay to put yourself out there to follow your dream in life as well as causing a want for life change in me, I want to say thank you so much Stephen.” - Jonathan // “My life has been changed for the better in SO many ways because of the influence of Stephen.” - Anne // "Stephen is such an inspiration. Stephen does not bullshit ever, and he always has such amazing and interesting information." - Trudy // "I needed to hear your message. Thank you Stephen!" - Angela // "Everything you say makes so much sense." - Taylor // "I definitely feel [it is a] powerful universal gift for us to be brought together. Your content is amazing. Thank you!" - Misty // "I actually cried listening to your workout audio. You are amazing you have no idea how much I appreciate this ! Thank you thank you thank you" - VR // "This is GREAT! I am so grateful to be one of your VIPs :D" - Jessica // "You helped me love myself. Thank you thank you thank you." - A // "After completing your 7-day empowerment challenge, my ways of thinking have changed [quite] a bit! I think I'll keep using that 7 day challenge whenever I start to doubt myself! I think it's a fantastic tool, and it's all thanks to you! You're truly amazing. Thank you for being the incredible person you are! You are awesome." - Sabrina // "I look to you for inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for being so open about your own journey. You do make a difference!" - M // "I stumbled across [your book]. I was a tad sceptical, based on previous "self help" books I've come across. However I've found this book really helpful, and I've been able to relate to things spoken about in it ... thank you!" - Brison


The 7 Reasons Manifesting Doesn’t Work For You And How To Take The First Steps Towards The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of.

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"You are the most incredible coach and you do exactly what you say, you hold the space for where we are at! I honestly can't express how incredible you were today on our call at a time of complete melt down for me! You took that meltdown and made me go so deep I'm now exploring a block I've had my whole life. To be able to work through this WILL change my life. I feel like you're so much wiser than your years, like a guru born to do this. So so blessed to have found you" - Alexandra /// "This has really made me think. That wasn't the coaching call I expected - it went so deep. But that was amazing - I really got to go deep inside myself and figure out why I am doing and saying those things. I appreciate so much that you've helped me to look at that and become aware of that and work with it. This needed to happen so that I'm really able to become who I want to be, which takes doing major work on yourself. Appreciate you so much. This is helping me grow as a person. You're so full of love and so amazing as a coach. You literally took that space and changed it to exactly what I needed. You had information on tap - it was so natural to you. You gave me exactly what I needed and asked all the right questions. You deserve to be #AmericasLifeCoach so much! Owning it like that has made it so much more real. It really opened my eyes." - Alexandra /// "your posts have been helping me get through my divorce, and you didnt even know it." - Demetria /// "Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I've done years and years of therapy and no one has ever taken me there. I honestly could've gone my entire life never having this breakthrough if it weren't for you. Because you said yes to your calling, I am able to say yes to mine. I want to work with you for the rest of my life. Seriously... if NOTHING else ever came of our sessions, it would have been worth it for this ONE MOMENT. You lead me back to God today after years of running away from Him (tears still flowing lol!) What you have done for me today I will remember forever" - Kylie /// "You took me to a place I didn't even understand [was there], and your skill to do that is so immense. You're so full of love - I have never experienced a coach like you. I am so grateful as I know you will get me where I need to go. I was so meant to find you. " - Alexandra /// "Every word you speak, I really listen with such intent, because I resonate clearly with everything you say. I feel like you're the god that was brought to me. It's like your my angel mentor ... I resonate. The words that you speak are embedded within my soul. So happy I found you" - Alexandra /// "To everything you say, my soul says yes. How are you so wise and so young? It's incredible and I'm flabbergasted." - Elizabeth /// "I have struggled with this my whole life, and in 36 minutes you were able to figure out exactly what was going on and bring clarity. I'm bedazzled at your ability. You just keep sprinkling that magic pixie dust over my life, and I'm so delighted about it. Thank you, thank you. I love and adore you. Thank you again for such an incredible session. Bless you" - Kylie /// "Thank you... I'm finally getting there :p <3 <3 <3 your support, your words and your vision have helped IMMENSELY." - Jennifer /// "The work that we're doing here? This is what it's all about. I came to you for a business solution, and what I'm finding is my heart and my truth. I'm so thankful." - Kylie /// "I am PROOF working with you is INSANE! I'm a fully fledged confident rock star owning my worth after one month with you compared to 35 years of self-doubt LOL ❤️ imagine what we can do over the next two months and beyond x" - Alexandra /// "I came to you for one thing, and what opened up was a whole world of possibility and expansion." - Kylie /// "It has been the most insane month of my life, honey, since we started working together. You have got me so clear on my mission - a mission that I have been trying to get aligned to for so long and couldn't get it. I am literally on my way! It's just incredible. All the things that I knew would happen ... all the things I saw in my vision - the more excited I get about them, they are happening! They are ALL happening! You have taken me where I needed to go. You're the best coach ever! This is the best journey." - Alexandra /// "You've given me the strength and inspiration to ignite my light, and that's what it's about. It is no coincidence that you are my coach. There's not many coaches who have a personal connection outside the hour. That's what makes you so special. Your mission is so much more, and you care so much more than just making money. You are the one. I know I've done the work, but you are the one that taught me and gave me the messages that resonated with my soul so I could do the work that no one else seemed to understand." - Alexandra /// "If nothing else happened in my life, the happiness and the joy would be worth it. I thought I was okay before, but I just didn't know." - Kylie /// "Thank you also to the best 1:1 coach I could ever have dreamt of! Stephen Lovegrove, you are rocking my energy, my world, my light and my life. Yes, you are the most magical person I know!" - Alexandra /// "You are literally rocking my energy and my world. You are opening up so many possibilities. None of this would have been possible without you as my coach who helped me step into my power and own the incredible international business woman that I am. I love the opportunities that are coming my way! I adore you being my coach, and I want you to be my coach forever. I am so proud to be one of your clients." - Alexandra