My name is Stephen, and I am America's Life Coach.

I take superstars to the next level inside and out. 

My goal is to be the most magical person you know.  



My job is to help you create a life that you love. 

Whatever you are dreaming about,

all you need to get there is ALIGNMENT. 

When you align with your dreams, you become unstoppable

Let me help you succeed on YOUR terms in a way that feels magical. 


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"I keep thinking of you and your positivity ... That has gotten me through the past couple months and has challenged me to keep dreaming and sending out good vibes because the universe will return them and it has!" - Bryce // "You're always so positive; I love it" - Joshua // "You are inspirational. Thanks for always passing on your energy and knowledge." - Stacy // "Finding you has become one of the biggest blessings of my life. Your spirit, energy, and soul resonate with me. Through your courage, I have gained my own. I'm old enough to be your mother, and yet you are my teacher ... Know that your work is touching lives and you have touched my heart. I can't wait to see how your empire grows." - Angel // "You bring so much sunshine to my life. Never stop." - Annie // "Every time I have a really rough day at work, your words of wisdom come back to me." - Ally // "Stephen is an unlimited force of power, strength, conviction, joy, and love ... an inspiration to so many" - Colin

"Oh my gosh, THIS is the exact guidance I've needed for so long! I've read so many articles and only ever found a bunch of vague stuff ... For once, I felt like someone understood my vision and perspective." - Marvin // "May I just say, you've changed my life! You've helped me so much in such a short span of time." - Kristy // "Thanks for being such a wonderful person and for using yourself to help others in the way you have chosen." - Veronica // "I haven't had time to finish it, but the first 40 mins of it had me in tears. You have such a powerful way with words and had me heal years upon years of Emotional trauma. WOW!!! I actually plan to purchase the hardcopy, I need to keep this book with me, as it's now a book I will keep close to my heart. Life-Changing!" - Kristy // "[Stephen's] resilience and ability to shine on matter what the situation is inspiring ... he is understanding, loving, and downright magical." - Brinson // "Thank you so much for the steady inspiration and support you give not only to me but so many more! Don't ever stop! You changed me and my entire path." - Melissa // "I know I am meant to help people and that is my purpose. Your scopes have inspired me so much!" - Jessica // "You're really putting value out into the universe!" - JJ // "Thank you so much! Loving your challenge!" - Ginger

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"The red carpet will never be the same again because of you." - Shelley // "You're my favorite inspiration. Thank you thank you thank you!!!" - Bri // "My life has been so impacted by you. I wish I could repay you for the love, positivity and beautiful life you have given me.... But what you've given me is priceless and I wouldn't know how to repay you." - K // "THANK YOU Stephen ! You are inspirational at all times! I so appreciate what you share!" - Veronica // "When I watched you yesterday, I was so inspired! Your book is fantastic. Thank you so so much for taking the time to do this for us! You truly are amazing." - Sabrina // "Thank you for your great work! You are so inspirational. I look forward to your show everyday." - Carrie // “Every time I leave a meeting with Stephen, I leave inspired.” - McKenzie // "Stephen has the integrity and wisdom of someone twice his age.“ - Amy // “For allowing me to know that it is okay to put myself out there and not be afraid to love and connect; for showing me that it is okay to put yourself out there to follow your dream in life as well as causing a want for life change in me, I want to say thank you so much Stephen.” - Jonathan // “My life has been changed for the better in SO many ways because of the influence of Stephen.” - Anne // "Stephen is such an inspiration. Stephen does not bullshit ever, and he always has such amazing and interesting information." - Trudy // "I needed to hear your message. Thank you Stephen!" - Angela // "Everything you say makes so much sense." - Taylor // "I definitely feel [it is a] powerful universal gift for us to be brought together. Your content is amazing. Thank you!" - Misty // "I actually cried listening to your workout audio. You are amazing you have no idea how much I appreciate this ! Thank you thank you thank you" - VR // "This is GREAT! I am so grateful to be one of your VIPs :D" - Jessica // "You helped me love myself. Thank you thank you thank you." - A // "After completing your 7-day empowerment challenge, my ways of thinking have changed [quite] a bit! I think I'll keep using that 7 day challenge whenever I start to doubt myself! I think it's a fantastic tool, and it's all thanks to you! You're truly amazing. Thank you for being the incredible person you are! You are awesome." - Sabrina // "I look to you for inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for being so open about your own journey. You do make a difference!" - M // "I stumbled across [your book]. I was a tad sceptical, based on previous "self help" books I've come across. However I've found this book really helpful, and I've been able to relate to things spoken about in it ... thank you!" - Brison

It's time for you to



I want to help you reach your full potential.

Come join us inside the #StephFamily!

"Stephen is absolutely brilliant." - Sahil // "Stephen gives so much value out. Always amazing. Always real." - Nazhay // "Not a lot of people give content like this ... Respect to you!" - L // "You. Are. Amazing." - Sara // "Stephen is like an amazing unicorn. I love him." - E // "This is absolutely magical. Stephen is magical." - Boyd // "I like this dude. So different from the normal stuff out there. Giving off uplifting vibes!" - N // "You give awesome advice. It's not a good day until I've watched Stephen Lovegrove." - Stacy // "The whole world needs to hear your message." - Ace // "I am now so happy thanks to you. You are my hero." - Lou // "Your message really hits a nerve. I've been struggling lately, and what you share hits home. Thank you." - Matt // "You make life so easy to understand. Thank you." - Meg // "[Your content] is so incredibly helpful and super relevant to me." - Zach // "Your emails are absolutely amazing!" - Alicia // "It's amazing how your topics always hit exactly the right places." - Veronica // "We need more people like Stephen Lovegrove in the world." - Chris // "Stephen is one of my favorite mindfulness coaches ever ... I will always make time for him." - Jay // "Love your content. You light up my day! You always share just what I need. You are magical! Thank you!" - M // "Thank you for always being an inspiration!" - Court // "You are the reason I'm taking action. I found my power when I read your book. It changed my life. Now I have a new job, and new opportunities are presenting themselves to me!" - SA // "After years and years of counseling, you are the person who has connected with me most and helped me most." - April // "Literally no excuses not to read Stephen's book ... Stephen is definitely wise beyond his years." - Melissa // "I finished your entire book in one sitting - something I rarely do. I just want to say thank you so much! You are truly inspiring." - Taylor // "Stephen is better than a therapist." - Phil // "Before I found Stephen, I was failing in school. When I started to watch Stephen and his message, I raised my grades up to a C. He helped me without even knowing it!" - LW // "Stephen is so sweet. It's amazing. Greatness radiates off of him!" - Natalie // "Stephen is so rad. He gives me so much to think about. I love his energy, and I know I found him for a reason." - Tenille // "I love your style. You're so positive, personable, simple, and practical!" - Kim // "Alignment is freakin AWESOME. Just saying. I feel so much less stressed now. I've already had things start to show up in just a few weeks. My vision boards are happening much quicker than expected! This stuff is really changing my life. I am excited about my dreams for the first time, rather than being scared or overwhelmed by them. I picture 2-5 years out for most of my dreams, but they're starting to come sooner!" - Jessica // "Stephen is such an old soul. He has an unbelievable amount of wisdom for someone his age. He does not sound 23 years old! Everything he says speaks to me so powerfully. Best coach everrrrrrr! - Kim // "I started getting connected to everything that makes me happy ever since I found [Stephen.] He helped me sent intentions, and now I'm busy, busy, busy! Stephen helped me open two revenue flows." - Kristy // "[Stephen] helped me through a very difficult time. It's not a coincidence that I found him." - Trudy // "Loved you instantly. You are my favorite person on Periscope!" - Karen // "Wow. I feel like I manifested you into my life! I needed this. Thank you for your magical words!" - Nargiz // "Stephen is an angel. So thankful for him." - Zach // "I'm at my desk writing out all the nuggets that Stephen has dished out for me. Super grateful to have found him at this moment in my life." - Kat