They don’t call him America’s Life Coach for nothing.

From working with billionaires, Hollywood stars, and hundreds of international clients, Stephen Lovegrove continues to be the fastest growing name in the personal development arena.

This multi-awarded life coach started out in ministry school and was training to become a pastor. Little did he know, he would still be in the service of helping other people come home to the best version of themselves and find a closer connection to God.

Stephen sought peace and self-actualization for a long time, and with four years clocked in for therapy, he was always wondering how long it would take to find that peace and fulfillment.

During this process, he met a life coach in New York City—the first one he’d ever met—and then realized it was helping him move forward faster and further than his other efforts to heal. That experience also gave him the idea that maybe this is something he had potential to do too, as he always wanted to do healing work in the world. Eventually, this newfound career became his outlet for empowering people and helping them make their dreams come true.

After a few hurdles, thousands of dollars wasted, and his first digital product – a training course – that drove his company deep in debt for the first year, he decided to officially work with people in a 1-on-1 capacity - what had always excited him the most, and he devoted his career into bringing more meaning to people’s lives. “Trust the process,” they said. And truly, nothing was done in vain.

Today, Stephen is an exclusive coach for a network of billionaires and celebrities, leads a done-for-you spiritual support service for the elite, and has co-founded a spiritual community nonprofit in Nashville called Imaginarium.

He is the author of an international bestseller and the host of “City of Angels: Conversations That Heal LA,” which airs on Focus TV.

His powerful 1:1 coaching is widely praised for how it supports leaders in doing the real inner work that everyone needs when they’re about to make big leaps forward in their lives.

Stephen’s clients attest to a complete change of their sense of identity and the way they show up in the world. Never mind if they’re a hundred million dollar businessman, a megachurch pastor, or a TV actor (Not bad for a “gay kid in a fundamentalist cult in the South”, if you ask me.)

“When they change, everything else miraculously seems to change in their world.”

He is known to give them not just actionable tips and tricks…less of what to do, but a whole new way to be.

His biggest wins do not only include business milestones such as coaching people to six figure launches, their first million-dollar year, landing big name clients such as Forbes, or one who makes 116x more now than they did before working with Stephen (true story). They also include gigantic life detours such as going from being suicidal and depressed to happy and fulfilled, getting back the spouse that they fell in love with, and even skin clearing completely.

Aside from personally working with leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, Stephen also supports various campaigns and charities for human rights, hurricane relief, youth empowerment, criminal justice reform, clean water, and spiritual work.

Most people may be surprised to hear that Stephen has achieved all of these all by the age of 25, but it doesn’t look like he’s stopping soon. His friends always describe him as outgoing, passionate, earnest, driven, and over-the-top. And we think these may just be the right orchestra for a lifetime’s worth of potential well-maximized.

Stephen’s works were featured on MTV, NBC, Fox, LA Times, OWN, and Huffington Post.

He is based out of Los Angeles, California and Nashville, Tennessee.

If you are ready to embrace your power, claim your destiny, and start moving forward towards the life you've always wanted, Stephen is here to give you support, guidance, and accountability. 

Let's get started.

"The red carpet will never be the same again because of you." - Shelley // "You're my favorite inspiration. Thank you thank you thank you!!!" - Bri // "My life has been so impacted by you. I wish I could repay you for the love, positivity and beautiful life you have given me.... But what you've given me is priceless and I wouldn't know how to repay you." - K // "THANK YOU Stephen ! You are inspirational at all times! I so appreciate what you share!" - Veronica // "When I watched you yesterday, I was so inspired! Your book is fantastic. Thank you so so much for taking the time to do this for us! You truly are amazing." - Sabrina // "Thank you for your great work! You are so inspirational. I look forward to your show everyday." - Carrie // “Every time I leave a meeting with Stephen, I leave inspired.” - McKenzie // "Stephen has the integrity and wisdom of someone twice his age.“ - Amy // “For allowing me to know that it is okay to put myself out there and not be afraid to love and connect; for showing me that it is okay to put yourself out there to follow your dream in life as well as causing a want for life change in me, I want to say thank you so much Stephen.” - Jonathan // “My life has been changed for the better in SO many ways because of the influence of Stephen.” - Anne // "Stephen is such an inspiration. Stephen does not bullshit ever, and he always has such amazing and interesting information." - Trudy // "I needed to hear your message. Thank you Stephen!" - Angela // "Everything you say makes so much sense." - Taylor // "I definitely feel [it is a] powerful universal gift for us to be brought together. Your content is amazing. Thank you!" - Misty // "I actually cried listening to your workout audio. You are amazing you have no idea how much I appreciate this ! Thank you thank you thank you" - VR // "This is GREAT! I am so grateful to be one of your VIPs :D" - Jessica // "You helped me love myself. Thank you thank you thank you." - A // "After completing your 7-day empowerment challenge, my ways of thinking have changed [quite] a bit! I think I'll keep using that 7 day challenge whenever I start to doubt myself! I think it's a fantastic tool, and it's all thanks to you! You're truly amazing. Thank you for being the incredible person you are! You are awesome." - Sabrina // "I look to you for inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for being so open about your own journey. You do make a difference!" - M // "I stumbled across [your book]. I was a tad sceptical, based on previous "self help" books I've come across. However I've found this book really helpful, and I've been able to relate to things spoken about in it ... thank you!" - Brison