I work with leaders who have big HEARTS and big VISIONS. 

My clients are a diverse group of people. I primarily work with entrepreneurs and people in the entertainment industry, which creates quite a variety of experiences for me as a coach. :D 

One thing unifies all of my clients and all of my work, though. 

The people I work with have VISION for their lives. 

Whether they are making movies or music or companies or sculptures or yoga classes or courses, the people I work with are visionaries. They know who they are, what they bring to the world, and what they want to create in their lives. They just need help with the HOW. 

It all comes back to ALIGNMENT. 

If what you desire is not currently showing up in your life, that means you are out of alignment with it. 

I can help you get back into alignment with your desires and dreams. 
I'm a wizard of alignment, really. 

When you do work with me, you do the inner work. 

When you do the inner work, everything external shifts automatically. 

The question is, are you ready for a life of miracles?  

"Alignment is freakin AWESOME. Just saying. I feel so much less stressed now. I've already had things start to show up in just a few weeks. My vision boards are happening much quicker than expected! This stuff is really changing my life. I am excited about my dreams for the first time, rather than being scared or overwhelmed by them. I picture 2-5 years out for most of my dreams, but they're starting to come sooner!" - Jessica "Stephen is such an old soul. He has an unbelievable amount of wisdom for someone his age. He does not sound 23 years old! Everything he says speaks to me so powerfully. Best coach everrrrrrr! - Kim "I started getting connected to everything that makes me happy ever since I found [Stephen.] He helped me sent intentions, and now I'm busy, busy, busy! Stephen helped me open two revenue flows." - Kristy "[Stephen] helped me through a very difficult time. It's not a coincidence that I found him." - Trudy "Loved you instantly. You are my favorite person on Periscope!" - Karen "Wow. I feel like I manifested you into my life! I needed this. Thank you for your magical words!" - Nargiz "Stephen is an angel. So thankful for him." - Zach "I'm at my desk writing out all the nuggets that Stephen has dished out for me. Super grateful to have found him at this moment in my life." - Kat